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               Sample Case Results

When Brian Reddy takes a case, he does so to win. This is why the vast majority of his cases are taken on a contingent fee basis, in other words, if his client does not win, he does not get paid. Below are some of the results Brian has obtained for his clients in the past.  Brian has resolved many more cases that are subject to confidentiality agreements at the insistence of the insurance companies or corporate defendants involved.

Railroad worker injuryBrian's client suffered a soft tissue injury to his shoulder known as a rotator cuff tear. He did this removing what's known as an end of train device from a stationary railroad car. The end of train device fell from its cradle unexpectedly and yanked the man's arm tearing his rotator cuff. The man underwent a number of surgeries to repair the tear however they were unsuccesful and he could not return to the type of manual labor he was used to. After a two week vigorously contested trial the jury awarded Brian's client $4.7 million verdict in damages for loss of earnings and pain and suffering. 

CSX remote control operator injured after losing his footing on a large piece of coke in Queensgate, Cincinnati rail yard jury verdict: $2.5 million verdict.

Injured motorcyclist: Brian represented a motorcyclist who suffered a back injury when another driver started to turn left in front of him. Although the Defendants denied responsibility and claimed that the motorcyclist was at fault, a $1.3 million settlement was reached prior to trial.

CSX Car Man injures neck: After a two week hard fought trial a jury awarded Brian's client
$1.3 Million verdict after he suffered herniated discs in his neck requiring surgery. 
Dog attack:
Brian represented a young mother who was attacked by a dog while waiting to meet her children at the school bus stop. She suffered a puncture wound in her wrist and developed a nerve entrapment requiring arthroscopic surgery. A large confidential six figure settlement was reached prior to trial.

Steel Worker breaks leg on scaffold: Brian represented a man who broke his leg when a scaffold piece broke and his leg went through the gap. The Defendant denied any responsibility. After a week long trial a Lorain County, Ohio jury awarded the injured man
a $903,000 verdict. This is the second time a jury awarded Brian's client the exact amount Brian suggested to the jury he should receive.

Limo' passenger injury: In an unusual case Brian represented a man who was being transported by a limo' service during bad winter weather in upstate New York. The driver missed his exit on the New York state Thruway. When he realized this he started to reverse on the thruway to get back to the exit. Brian's client saw a large truck approaching the car and decided that rather than await a collision, he would jump out of the limo. He did this and sustained a broken nose and 4 broken teeth. No collision occurred.  The client was unable to work for approximately 2 weeks due to his injuries. The limo insurance company's lawyers argued that it was the client's fault because he should have just sat tight and since ultimately no collision occurred he would have been fine. Brian argued that you cannot Monday morning quarterback the decision and must look at it at the time when the decision was made, when the collision looked like it was going to happen.  The jury agreed and awarded Brian's client the exact amount he suggested the jury should award $375,000. The jury also awarded passenger's wife $50,000, giving a total jury award of a $425,000.00 verdict.

Please remember that every case must be looked at on its own merits. Past results do not guarantee future results or success.

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